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The BC Trappers Association represents the trappers of British Columbia to government, industry, the general public, and the media. It works with the Ministry of Water, Air and Land Protection to bring about reasonable seasons and regulations and to enforce them, to promote the most humane equipment, to protect trappers’ rights, to educate trappers in humane trapping methods and proper fur handling techniques. It works with the Ministry of Forests to achieve integrated resource Fur Management and to reduce habitat impacts. It provides information and educational materials to the general public and the schools, and it works with all segments of the fur industry and the Fur Institute of Canada to promote fur as a well-regulated, humanely harvested, renewable resource.

There are local chapters in most areas of the province, so that all trappers can have access to the benefits of the BCTA without having to travel too far. As well, the Annual General Meeting and Convention, held in March each year, is information-packed with opportunities to learn and meet with fellow trappers from all over the province.

The BC Trappers Association wants and needs your support, and as a trapper, you need us. The more members we have, the more influence we have with government and industry, and the better we can preserve good fur Fur Management and your right to trap. It costs a lot of money to attend meetings, lobby government, and inform the public about our side of the story. You can make a difference.


Membership Fee Includes a Subscription to the BC TRAPPER MAGAZINE
Membership also includes general liability for trappers, please email for further details.

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