Who We Are

The British Columbia Trappers Association was formed in 1945 as an association of registered trappers. It is the oldest trapper’s association in Canada.

In order to protect species from over harvesting, in 1926, the Province was divided into registered traplines. Traplines are then sold to a trapper so that he/she is the only person with the right to trap furbearing animals inside this area.

Today, the BC Trappers Association works to keep its members well informed. It publishes a quarterly magazine that includes articles on approved humane traps and trap sets. The magazine also includes articles on different species and the best way to maintain a healthy breeding population.

About the BCTA

Organizational Chart
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Meet the 2019/20 BCTA Executive

  • President: Tim Killey
  • Vice President: Holly Wise
  • Director: Carrie Dan
  • Director: Carl Gitscheff
  • Director: Trevor Jolleys
  • Director: Ryan Kole
  • Director: Bryan Munroe
  • Director: Glen Cartwright
  • BCTA Administrator: Alana Leclerc

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